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IT to Business

Digitization is not just a new or upgraded application. It is much more.

A new IT application is not bringing any value (more the opposite) if your business processes and masterdata are not aligned with the application. We can help you align your IT application, masterdata and business processes

Our Services

Our Services

Let us help you bringing IT to business

Project management

We are offering more than 15 years experience of project management for small and large IT Projects.

Business and IT Consulting

Make sure you have your business process in place before you start you digital journey - if not you will fail.

IFS Resources

Europe have a lack of skilled IFS consultants. We  provide support by high skilled IFS consultants, for the right price

SAP Consulting

Consulting for SAP ERP in logistic area on all levels. We offer 15+ years of experience within SAP Consulting.

Master data management

Automation and digitization is based on rules, rules depend on data. Therefore are you masterdata the key to success.

Management Consulting

Are you looking for new strategy or tactical changes in logistic area call us.

Ready to find out more?

We are a small and flexible company. Meaning we can easily adjust to the customers set up and wishes. We are always open for discussions about how we together can bring IT to business, in your company. With a holistic point of view.


We have been working together with Poul Dehn and his company for many years, and have always treasured the professional and holistic approach he have taken.

Indrajith Wijesiri

CEO, Conifs

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